Healing My Grief

David, Today I cried! October 2021. I miss my hand stroking your back at night the warmth of your white T-shirt so comforting as I go to sleep with you beside me! And I remember the hospital! Holding you one last time! Sobbing I had to let you go and I didn’t want to! I … More Healing My Grief

Getting Real and Raw – Emotional Pain and Physical Pain

Getting Real and Raw – Emotional Pain and Physical Pain   I am in a time of physical pain right now waiting trying to lose more weight so I can have hip replacement surgery. I have been walking on crutches for four years now. One year before having both knees replaced and ever since to … More Getting Real and Raw – Emotional Pain and Physical Pain

My Friend Maureen

My Friend Maureen Maureen and I literally bumped into each other at church walking down the same isle. She was new, single and alone so I asked her to come and sit with me! She did and that is how our friendship started. Maureen came to singles class with me for a while. We had … More My Friend Maureen


Cold love has been attacking the church. And I wondered where it was coming from Was it coming from inside Or from the outside As I felt its effects Others were battling it also We are all fighting it Doesn’t matter where it is coming from IN the name of JESUS I break cold love … More NO MORE COLD LOVE

America Bleeds

America bleeds For the World For keeping peace In a world gone mad Bleeding her son’s and daughters lives To keep her soil safe From the plans of evil Jesus comfort the families who know the price Their sons and daughters have paid for our safety Lord, You know the price so well For our … More America Bleeds